Official video for ‘Ur So F**kInG cOoL’
Listen to the song here:

A Visible Studios Production

Directors – Nick Kozakis, Liam Kelly & Tones And I
Characters – Tones And I
Old Tones – Abbie Thorpe
Executive Producer – Timothy Whiting
Producer – Fabiana Weiner
Cinematographer – Carl Allison
Production Designer – Callum Preston
Stylist & Photographer – Giulia McGauran
Art Department Assistants – Mo Wyse, Ed Fraser, and Rosa Mercedes
Makeup Artist & SFX – Danielle Ruth (Wow FX)
Makeup Artist Assistant – Yasmin Saad
1st Assistant Director – Anna Bardsley-Jones
Focus Puller & BTS Photographer – Anthony Littlechild
Motion Control Operator (BOLT) – Tom David (RobotFace)
Motion Control Assistant (BOLT) – Andrew Dale (RobotFace)
Gaffer – Branco Grabovac
Best Girl – Hannah Palmer
Production Assistant – Carlia Capozza
Production Runner – Alexander Anderson and Jacqui Whiting
Editors – Nick Kozakis & Liam Kelly
Post Production Audio – John Servedio
Post Production Supervisor – Timothy Whiting
Colourist – Timothy Whiting
Animator – Luke Jeffs
Compositors – Vince Buffalino and Theo Touren
Roto Artists – Talha Rana, Theo Touren, and Paul Pleming
VFX Artist – Dmitry Bashkov
Senior Risk Advisor – Trent Bekis
Behind the Scenes Filmmaker – Jesse Leaman
Gear Hire – Creative Head Rentals and Savage Film Services
Catering – Canadian Bay Hotel

Special thanks to Steve Clements


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  1. I love the part where she's kicking someone out while she's recording a video she should be on snl. That's funny. I'm the person who can't relate to this utter madness in the world.

  2. Relatable. Everyone is trying to be the next "it" thing. Or following every trend that comes out. Its like no one knows how to be themselves anymore. Always trying to be what the "world" says you should be. Or how you should look. Because it's the "cool" thing.

  3. The quiz said I am Tones .. wait.. is she Tones and I am I? Or are we both Tones and I? tbh it feels like people dont have deep relationships.. more like shallow and self-centered.


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