Mora Mora Mia, The Cold Medina & Rayko B – PRICE (feat. Poucho & Twin Obsidian) (Official Video)

Mora Mora Mia, The Cold Medina & Rayko B – PRICE (feat. Poucho & Twin Obsidian)

They want me wrong
Sing along
To that script that ain’t mine
I see stars in the dark
When I seek the divine,
It’s a narrow long line
I’m a king on the rise
Been a fool long enough
Wisdom comes with that price

This life has a price, nothings free
Caught cleaning a bank, planning a heist, with 2 degrees.
getting so close to meet my goals , my knees go weak.
5am ., on kitchen floor, first time God ever spoke to me.
Bound to this superficial life, I hate this shit, but love the green.
Carry this pressure on my shoulders, love my mom ,love my kids, I loathe my enemies.
Mis héroes donde están ..,que no los vi?
Todo viene y va en esta vida ., hasta morir
Mora mora, la fija , la fucking queen

Paid by the hour
so the time is worth
What the master claims
That the price should be
it looks like the map for the life we claim
was conditioned in a factory,
I need a home
I need a farm
so hard to please
with clubs and drugs
our history begins with war and slavery
I know of an Africa
with kings in warriors
Babalu aye
that’s what Cuba is
lost my life
and claimed the back
Obdu, aye
that’s who I met
don’t second-guess
my truest gift
a babalawo outdoing myth
I burned in hell
to meet my beast
and fall in love
and give it wings

Limitaron mis canciones
Me pusieron condiciones
Pero se olvidaron
que tengo unos muertos cimarrónes
Nací sin condiciones
En un lugar donde se come
cuando las princesas salen a lucharla
Yo nunca me quede callado
Si tocan el clik te salgo disparado
Y aunque nunca en mi vida e estudiado
Mis rimas son master tienen doctorado
Si Dios me la dio porq quieren quitarlo
Se que la venden más cara que Paulo
A mi no me emganñan yo se lo que hablo
Soy el caballo que no quiere establo
Si Dios me la dio porque quieren quitarlo….
Yo se que la venden más cara que paulo

Chains of iron forged by flame
Bound their bodies quenched in shame,
Lost in endless labor pain
All their dreams and hopes were slain

Peace of mind
when I hit rewind
is unlikely
I don’t really got that time
I don’t really wear no watch man
I’m like the son of Christ and
struck down like it came from lightning
followed by thunder frightening
PTSD wow me,
Have a card,
Take a seat,
Block me
Feet down
with my head down
but my guard up
and I’ll tear down
any build up
that you bring up
not a victim
because I fight back
then evict them
I’m a give them
a good reason
to rethink
Any stupid uneducated
attempt trying to be a psychologist
Believe me you sound
just like anyone else
telling me I am preposterous
I’m just like Solomon
yeah, demons surrounding him
yeah, with drawings I’m casting a spell
yeah, I’m building a palace kid
yeah, you lucky I carry a smile
yeah, don’t play with comparisons
yeah, you’re lucky I just fuck around
yeah, I don’t have a confuse it kid

Nica y Mexica paid the price they had bleed ya
Distilling all the sangre watered down so they could keep ya
Peep ya features over generations
generating trauma change genetic code don’t bend of fold for I was born to bare the woes of all
my ancestors souls it’s sewn inside inside my skin born out the self hatred used hang us from
But this a declaration of my reclamation
I’m gaspar yanga recreating my own Marion
Cuento los cientos en el cielo
Otro vuelo y la sangre tiene hielo
Hello know I’m always in mi elemento
Grinding til them dollars touch el techo
Nunca satisfecho pero mami dame beso
Dame Fuego
Flow on Tego
They I’m Bori til knowing my story
After a check after that it’s the glory
No sleep til the morning I’m grinding not snoring ever exploring
New ways to get rich
You faking the funk
And I’m taking the risk bitch
Check out my wrist
I paid the price

Rayko B –


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