Ed Sheeran – Photograph (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Emil Nava

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Comment (38)

  1. When i see this this Video and here this song i really know how my parents feel, when they think about my older brother who lives far away.
    Cause they dont have any Videos. Only Pieces of Memories in their Hearts :(.

  2. I said a lot of shit I didn't mean but every memory I have of you is in my head. I loved you until my final breath. That second I had to walk out your door because you said you weren't in love with me broke me. I had too many memories with you and too many plans made to just stop. I still love you and I still don't understand why? I still stood by you after everything. I made mistakes but I tried hard to make them better. You will be the last person on my mind. I will be beside you and in you. I'm been forced out of life. Everything I done from the day I met you was to try and make us stronger. I planned my life away and promised my life away when I got on my knees to you. I can't go back on it and I can't push forward without you. Every day. Every day edel. I woke up a few minutes ago from a dream of you holding my hand in bed and wrapping your feet around me. This time last year we were wrapped around each other. Oh my soul? You have it. You keep it. Please mind it.
    I'll always miss you and maybe I'll see you again… In a happier place… In a happier time. I shouldn't have said I should have left you at the door in broad street today. They were the happiest times of my life.
    And now I'm just gna fade out 💔💔
    I don't want to go on anymore. It's way too much pain. I'll never understand. Never. How can someone hurt someone so badly?
    Remember the hand thing we used do? 😊 I wish I could do it now. I love you as much as you hate me I never stopped. I fought as long as u could. Your hatred was just overwhelming to me. You were the biggest love if my life but you were also the biggest pain of my life. I'll never stop loving you. Mind our baby and don't lie to her. I loved you all more than life. When you cry smile and think of us dancing in tramore singing war xxxxxx that was us 💔💔 love love always 💔💔


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