Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care [Official Video]

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  1. Please stop criticizing the video clip and just enjoy this beautiful song. The main is that the song is good and personally I prefer listening to a good song instead of watching a good video clip. And I think the video clip is fun and not really bad.

  2. The funny thing is when I think of Ed Sheeran at an industry party not fitting in and feeling awkward, I picture one of the guests he isn't fitting in with is Justin Bieber… who has crowd of people around him laughing.

  3. Me : i never go to party and i won't
    Ed and Justin : i dont care
    Me ; hahaha, i see Ed being a balet dancer
    Ed : and i don't care
    Me : hahaha, i see, Justin being a banana that eaten
    Justin ; and i dont care
    Me : hahahahaha your guys are crazy
    Ed ANd Justin : CAUSE I DON'T CARE
    ME: NO NOO NOOOOOO 'now im crazy'

    Me : i dont care if you guys dont like this ☝ (:v)


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