Coldplay X BTS – My Universe (Official Video)

Coldplay X BTS – My Universe – The new single, taken from the album Music Of The Spheres, out now ( Stream/Download here:

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Director: Dave Meyers
EP/Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Director Rep: Jamie Rabineau
Production Co: Freenjoy
Director of Photography: Scott Cunningham
Production Designer: François Audouy
Editor: Nick Gilberg
Additional score: Jon Hopkins

DJ Lafrique – Joe Diao
Angel Moon – María José Retamozo
Eko – Lizeth San Martin
Dorean – Daniel Delgado
Blaze – Rober Gómez
Kasio – Larry Balboa

Service Production: Blur Films
Exec Producer: Zico Judge
Line Producer: Veronica Pales
Art Director: Jon Blud
Lead Hair: Lisa Farrall
FX Makeup: Oxum Fx
Supernova 7 & Dj Lafrique Stylist: Buki

South Korea
Service Production: GE Production
On-Set Director: Yong Seok Choi (Lumpens)
Freenjoy EP: Tiffany Suh
Producer: Emma Sungeun Kim
Director of Photography: Eumko

VFX Calypso, Supersolis, Conform: Ingenuity
VFX Supervisor: David Lebensfeld & Grant Miller
VFX Producer: Jumanah Shaheen

VFX Floris: Rodeo FX
VFX Supervisor: Erik Gagnon
VFX Producers: Julie-Anne Cassidy & Emilie Debiasi

VFX Space, Spaceships: BUF
VFX Supervisor: Stéphane Vogel & Baptiste Cantet
VFX Producers: Camille Gibrat, Philippe Lépine, Annabelle Zoelin

VFX Holograms & CG Characters: AMGI
VFX Supervisors: Colin Brady
VFX Producers: Luke Paglia, Mark Miller & Matt Seefeldt

GFX: Territory Studios
GFX Supervisor: Marti Romances
GFX Producers: Lyniel Dao & Ari Ali

Volumetric Capture Studios:
Dimension, London.
Executive Producer / Co-Managing Director: Simon Windsor
Sales/ Client Director: Yush Kalia
Head of Production : Adam Smith
Producer/ Technical Director: Sarah Pearn
Senior Lead Volumetric Technical Artist: Adrianna Polcyn
Animator: Ben Crowe
CG Lighting Artist: Marcella Holmes

Jump Studio (SK telecom), Seoul.
VP, Head of Metaverse Company: Jinsoo Jeon
VP, Head of Metaverse Development: khwan Cho
Executive Producer: Seung Yoon Baek
Business Development: Taekeun Yoon
Producer: Minhyuk Che
Stage Supervisor: Gukchan Lim

Telecine: Company3
Colourist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Producer: Blake Rice

Sound Design & Mix: Fiddle Leaf Sound
Sound Designer: Ben Freer

Coldplay Management/Team:
Coldplay Manager: Dave Holmes
Coldplay Creative Director: Phil Harvey
Coldplay Co-Creative Director: Misty Buckley
Management: Mandi Frost, Arlene Moon, Brooks Roach
Director of Digital & Communications: Chris Salmon
Band Assistant: Emma Jane Randall, Jessie Ogilvy & Lauren Rauch
Video Commissioner: Sam Seager
Beth Fenton – Clothing Creative Director and Stylist
Sadie Williams – Assistance and Seamstress
Tiffany Henry – Grooming, Wardrobe, Dressing Rooms

Big Hit Music, BTS Artist Management/Team:
Visual Creative: Lee Sun Kyoung, Kang Ju Eun, Kim Ga Eun, Hyo Kim

Artist Management: Jang Jin Gu, Kim Su Bin, Lee Jung Min, Park Jun Tae, Lee Seung Byung, Lee Hyeon Ki, Jeong Dae Seong, Song Jae Keun

A&R : Nicole Kim, Daye Shin, Hankyul Yoo, Gia Lim

Hair Stylist: Han Som, Mujin Choi, Lim lee young, Lee Da Eun

Makeup Artist: Kim Da Reum, Seo Yuri, Kim Seon Min

Stylist: Kim Young Jin, Kim Ye Song, Kim Bong Kyu, Shin Sang Cheol, Kim Min Ji

BTS, an acronym of Bangtan Sonyeondan or “Beyond the Scene,” is a GRAMMY-nominated South Korean group that has been capturing the hearts of millions of fans globally since its debut in June 2013. The members of BTS are RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook. Gaining recognition for their authentic and self-produced music, top-notch performances, and the way they interact with their fans, BTS has established themselves as 21st century pop icons breaking countless world records. While imparting a positive influence through activities such as the LOVE MYSELF campaign and the UN ‘Speak Yourself’ speech, the band has mobilised millions of fans across the world (named ARMY), collected five No.1 Billboard Hot 100 singles in less than a year, performed multiple sold-out stadium shows across the world, and was named TIME’s Entertainer of the Year 2020. BTS has been nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for the 63rd GRAMMY Awards and recognised with numerous prestigious awards like the Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.

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Comment (24)

  1. You (you), you are (you are) my universe
    And I (I) just want (just want) to put you first
    And you (you), you are (you are) my universe, and I

    In the night, I lie and look up at you
    When the morning comes, I watch you rise
    There's a paradise they couldn't capture
    That bright infinity inside your eyes

    매일 밤 네게 날아가 (가)
    꿈이란 것도 잊은 채
    나 웃으며 너를 만나 (나)
    Never-ending forever, baby

    You (you), you are (you are) my universe
    And I (I) just want (just want) to put you first
    And you (you), you are (you are) my universe
    And you make my world light up inside

    어둠이 내겐 더 편했었지
    길어진 그림자 속에서 (eyes)
    And they said that we can't be together
    Because, because we come from different sides

    You (you), you are (you are) my universe
    And I (I) just want (just want) to put you first
    And you (you), you are (you are) my universe
    And you make my world light up inside

    My universe (doo-doo, doo-doo)
    My universe (doo-doo, doo-doo)
    My universe (doo-doo, doo-doo)
    (You make my world)
    You make my world light up inside
    You make my world light up inside

    나를 밝혀주는 건
    너란 사랑으로 수 놓아진 별
    내 우주의 넌
    또 다른 세상을 만들어 주는 걸
    너는 내 별이자 나의 우주니까
    지금 이 시련도 결국엔 잠시니까
    너는 언제까지나 지금처럼 밝게만 빛나줘
    우리는 너를 따라 이 긴 밤을 수놓을 거야

    너와 함께 날아가 (가)
    When I'm without you, I'm crazy
    자 어서 내 손을 잡아 (아)
    We are made of each other, baby

    You (you), you are (you are) my universe
    And I (I) just want (just want) to put you first
    And you (you), you are (you are) my universe
    And you make my world light up inside

    My universe (you, you are)
    My universe (I just want)
    My universe (you, you are my universe, and I)
    My universe

  2. After 100 years, one of you will come to hear this song, and my generation and I will be under the dirt. I hope that your life will be more beautiful than our generation, far from wars, diseases, epidemics, and the pain of separation.2022/2/14

    بعد 100 عام ، سيأتي أحدكم لسماع هذه الأغنية ، وسنكون أنا وجيلي تحت التراب. أتمنى أن تكون حياتك أجمل من جيلنا ، بعيدة عن الحروب والأمراض والأوبئة وألم الفراق.


  3. Esto es el resultado de quienes saben hacer musica de verdad, auténticos musicos o artistas con talento, tanto directo como en youtube, asi de simple, lo que perdura de verdad es esto siempre, y no el pasajero y sin sentido musical Requeson…


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